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putovaoBiH logoWhat is putovaoBiH? PutovaoBiH is an interactive, informational and educational web application created by two young people. Using the simplest navigation You can explore natural gems, cultural heritage objects or places for sports and recreation. The main aim of the project is to strengthen domestic tourism within the country borders. Project is primarly made for residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina to show them how beatiful their country is, but besides that, project can also be helpful for people visiting this country or children outside the borders with BH origins. putovaoBiH logoHow can You contribute? PutovaoBiH is a volonteer project with no financial support. Because of that, we would like to call all people who like this idea to help this patriotic story and by that manner we create a powerful tool to strengthen this country's tourism and show the world that Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a part of digital transformation od 21st century!
All transactions are made to associacion Innovation centre "Creatim" in bosnian: Udruženje Inovacioni centar "Creatim"
Transactions within Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bank name: NLB Banka d.d.
Account number: 1322602022916595
Recepient: Udruženje Inovacioni centar "CREATIM", Varaždinska br. 8, 71000 Sarajevo
Purpose: Donation for development of putovaoBiH project

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